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Reality TV Series

Surprise Celebrity Guest Players & Hell's Poker Team

Hell's Poker Reality TV Series

Surprise Celebrity Players: Any time during the competition (except at the final table) Surprise Celebrity Guest Players will play at the tables or the Pro Series tables. Celebrity guest players will play the role of spoilers in the tournament. If the Celebrity player wins at one of the tables then the teams do not get to play against “Pro / Celebrity and have a chance to win cash for their team. The Celebrity will play against the “Pro” instead and will have the opportunity to beat the Pro and win cash for a charity of their choice.

Hell’s Poker TEAM

Commissioner: The Commissioner presides over Series.

Show Host: The host of the weekly TV Reality Series

Show Announcers: Show announcers cover the play by play of the weekly series and pre-production and post production interviews.

Show Professionals: During the play in the series the winners at each table will play head to head against a Professional Poker Player. Professional Poker Players that are high profile, recognizable to the viewers and bring excitement to the series.

Table Dealers & Referees: Each table will have one dealer who deals every hand to the competitors and referees who watch the contestants play. 

Hell's Poker Reality TV Series

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