Hell's Poker Reality TV Series

Hell's Poker Reality TV Series $1,000,000 Survivor Challenge    

"Reality Game Come to Life"

Hell's Poker reality TV series is brash, loud, in your face trash talking, backstabbing, cut-throat on your seat drama, where players don’t need to know poker, they need to stay in it to win it competition in the $1,000,000 Survivor Challenge. The series is a high-stakes game of Texas Hold’em Poker, where players face off in intense team and head-to-head play with challenges at every turn, it’s all about surviving the challenges to make it to the final table while winning cash & prizes along the way. Guest Celebrities, Sport Stars, Poker Pros, and Social Media Demons add to the drama, trying to send players to poker hell before the game even begins. With no limit, split second, all-in gameplay, with a chance to win big, the Challenge is on. Don't miss out on this thrilling reality game come to life!

Welcome to the Game!
" Hell's Poker" Hell’s Poker Reality TV Series $1,000,000 Survivor Challenge is a "Reality Game Come to Life" bringing reality TV, Celebrity, Sports Stars, Poker Pros and Social Media Demons together across multiple media platforms where anyone can be a Player or a Demon.

Survivor, meets big brother, meets Social Media and other challenges for Players while being tormented by other cast members, their own teams, other teams, social media demons, trash talking Celebrities, Sport Stars and Poker Pros looking to take out the players at every challenge, even before play begins.

Hell's Poker is brash, loud, in your face trash talking, backstabbing, cut-throat on your seat drama throughout, where players don’t need to know poker, they need to stay in it to win it.

Challenge Begins: What’s never been done before, the challenge begins before a single day of shooting on the series starts. Over 1 Billion TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media creators, create videos, where they can be selected as cast members in the series or win the Demon’s cash & prizes.

Instant Viewership - Over 1 Billion TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platform creators, create Videos on social media platforms. Creators tune in each week to watch the series to see if their videos are selected, wining cash & prizes and to see their videos in the series. 

g: Casting blends reality TV open casting calls, high stakes poker player sponsorship while leveraging social media. Several ways to become a cast member, players can even sponsor themselves. It’s wide open casting, from social media starts, poker pros, everyday people, it is the wild west of casting. There will even be a celebrity series of Hell’s Poker, casting Hollywood Celebrities in one team, Sports Professional and Poker Professions in another and Social Media Influencers in another, all pitted against each other and other teams.

TIP: You don’t have to know poker to be at the final table, you just need to Survive. To make it to the final table, you don’t have to win each daily round of play, just don’t be the first to go out.
Series: Hell’s Poker, 27 Players, 3 Demon’s (cast members) are pitted against each other in an all-out, cut throat, winner take all $1,000,000 dollar No Limit, Texas Hold'em Series.

The Series is a progressive tournament where Players can win money and prizes at each stage in the series with one Player winning the Grand Prize. It runs for 9 weeks, first week introducing the series, and cast members before the series starts, then 7 1-hour shows and a 2-hour championship finally.

Live Weekly Viewer Interaction: viewers participate in live online interactions with cast members and demons between weekly shows, making viewers part of the series and engaged in the series, to see what happens each week.

This is not your usual slow-paced game, it is high stakes, fast paced, turbo blinds, on the clock play, where decisions have to be made before time runs out.

Speed Play: Poker tables have a ring of play lights that show green when a bet is made and red when the time is up to make a bet, fold or raise. Fail to play and your hand is folded, and your chips lost.

Series Start: 27 Players are placed into 3 teams of 9 to begin the series. Each week players from each team, play in teams against members from the other teams. To begin the competition, 3 members from each team will play against 3 members from the other two teams; three (3) tables, 9 players at each table until only 9 Players or Demons are left.

Player Demons: There are 3 Hell’s poker Demons who play at empty seats at tables, challenge one on one against contestants, making challenges, raising Hell with all the Players. They live with any team they want, can change teams, help Players and ruin others.

Team Living: Players not only have to learn to work together as a team, but they must also learn to live together in the team residence. Each team will reside in its own residence, team members will have to interact 24/7 with each other and other teams. Each week teams meet and decide which Players from their team will play together against the other teams and at which table.

All players are wearing body cams and are mic’d up, so viewers don’t miss any second of action. All the secret deals between teams, players other teams, Demons, celebrities and more. Listen to the Demons stirring up trouble trying to get a seat at the final table. 

Team & Table Play: Play each week produces both winners and losers, teams will get to know the other team’s members, and their own members. Teams risk the possibility of losing 1, 2 or 3 team members or none at all each week. 

Demons: Each week of play Demons and others try to break the spirit and concentration of the Players with trash talking, social media attacks and over the top antics, playing tricks on Players, and other demons.

Teams members vote on which table each member plays at, they can target players to lose at the tables or challenge to take their chips.

Extra Chips: Players earn chips for the next weeks table play helping them stay in the game by winning all types of challenges. They can go from chip loser to chip leader without playing a single hand of poker. Players can keep, trade, sell and do what they want with their chips.

Weekly Challenges: Players who win at each week’s table play and challenges go one on one in poker challenges pitted against guest Celebrity, Social Media, Sport Stars and Poker Pros looking to take out the players.

Final Table or Lose it All: Players can win cash and prizes along the way but only those who make it to the final table get to keep what they earned. No coasting here, fast paced play, players need to be thick skinned, make decisions in seconds.

Celebrity Guests from TV & Film, Sports Stars, Social Media and Poker Pros challenge Players in the Demon’s extreme, lighting fast, head to head, all in poker play, where bets are made every 30 seconds, after maximum hands all in by both players. Both remote and in show play.

Extreme Drama: weekly winning Players win cash and prizes, they can keep it all for themselves not sharing with their team members. They can even share with other teams and their members in secret deals and alliances to stay in the game.

Secret Deals: Secret deals and alliances between players, teams, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media Demons. Traitors, moles and back stabbers throughout the series. Hell’s Poker bringing billions of TikTok,  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media users and influencers into part of the series.

Backstabbing: Players dish on each other, their teams and other Players in the ultimate backstabbing betrayal. Viewers get to see and hear all of this on social media and on the TV series.

Final Challenge & Champion

If a Player can survive all the Demon’s tricks and Celebrity challenge’s they may make it to the final table for a chance to win it all. It’s down to 9 Players to play one game of high stakes all in, Texas Hold’em in a final battle.

Seasoned Pro or just a beginner it's time to play in Hell's Poker Reality TV Series. If they can make it through all of the challenges, while winning at fast paced No limit, Texas Hold'em tournament then they will be crowned the Hell's Poker Champion, Ruler of “Poker Hell”.  

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