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Hell's Poker Reality TV Series

$1,000,000 NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM Reality Series- “Contestants don’t just play the game, they play each other”. Team Play and Head to Head in a winner take all series.


Hell's Poker Reality TV Series is about cut throat, in your face, back stabbing team and head to head reality there is....and there is poker also. At every turn your own team members, other teams, their member's, Celebrity Guests, Sports Stars, Poker Pros and others trying to make you crash and burn out of the series and out of poker play.

Seasoned Pro or just a beginner it's time to play in Hell's Poker Reality TV Series. If you can make it through all of that and more, while winning at fast paced No limit, Texas Hold'em then you can be crowned the Hell's Poker Champion and rule all of Poker Hell. 

Hell's Poker Reality TV Series is both a virtual and in-house realty TV poker series. Production locations include Las Vegas, NV, Portland, OR, both for live TV shooting and online media production.  Due to the covid-19 virus shooting is adjusted to location and remote or virtual play and production. 

SHOOTING SCHEDULE (subject to change due to covid-19 to 2 locations and remote/virtual shooting)
Challenge Shooting Duration: 12 days
Weeks of TV Series: 7 weeks
(Six one hour shows, One, 2-hour final)

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Hell's Poker Reality TV Series

Covid-19 Safety 

Hell’s Poker, LLC has implemented and adopted the Joint Report of the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Teamsters’ Committees for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines. Further, adoption and guidance from each state and location regulations. This is an ongoing implementation as the changes in the virus and the rules and recommendations change.

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