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Create Short Videos on Social Media, with a chance to appear or be a Cast Member on Hell's Poker Reality TV Series $1,000,000 Survivor Challenge or just fill your pockets with the Demon’s Cash & Prizes. CLICK HERE for Short Videos for Business, Products, Services, Brands

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>>>>>>> Create as many videos as you want, have fun / All individuals will be considered for other on TV, advertising  and online media positions. <<<<<<<

* Creating Videos use Hashtag #hellspokertv

By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for submitting social media video application. All videos must be approved before they are officially registered. We reserve the right to refuse approval on any submitted video. By clicking submit you acknowledge that Hell’s Poker “Production Company” has sole discretion for approving or rejecting a submitted video. Muse be 21 or over to appear as a cast member; must be 16 or older to receive cash or prizes. You further agree that you are an individual and are submitting a personal video; you are not promoting any business, product, service, website, advertising is not allowed for individual or group personal challenges. See full Terms and Conditions.

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