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Invitation from Hell's Poker

Did you receive a Personal Invitation by Email, Social Media Message, Hell’s Poker Business Card by an Executive Producer, Director, or from Casting from Hell’s Poker. We want to hear from you, there are many on screen roles available, contact us today so we can speak with you about appearing in our Reality TV Series. 

We have many on screen roles, advertising, social media, modeling, announcers, interviewers and more. We may also consider you for casting in our series. Be featured in our reality TV series, we want to talk with you about becoming part of our series. 

Just some of the roles or on air positions available to be cast or hired: (some may already be filled): Commissioner, Play Official Floor, Instant Replay Official, Time Keeper, Scorekeeper, Player Hosts, Referee, Table Security, Announcer, Studio Host, Play by Play Announcer, Analyst / Commentator, Commentator, Spotter, Table Play & Hand Analyst, Reporter (Roving), Studio Host / Reporter, Confessional Host / Reporter, Sound - DJ,, Table Hostesses, Dealers, Bartenders, Poker Pros, Social Media Influencers and more. 

Intern Positions. Would you like to be an Intern (paid/un-paid) on the production of Hell's Poker or other TV production. Would you like to intern for the Executive Producer, production manager or other department heads and departments; if so, we want to hear from you. You must be 16 and above, no experience required. 

Phone (only required if you want to be contacted by text)

Intern Information

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