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"Your Company Logo & Brand on Challenge Poker Tables"

Your Company Logo, Text and Brand center stage on our challenge’s tables where the focus of each week’s series play is. Challenge Table Advertising not only showcases your company and brand each week on the TV series, also on video shorts on Social Media reaching over 1 billion viewers, online in our video shorts, player videos and more.  

Look at the UFC, their sponsors place their logos and text on the canvas of the ring, they reach their MMA target audience, or the WSOP their tables reach only poker players. With Hell’s Poker our reach is much greater. Reality TV viewers is one group, poker players is another, with our social media marketing we reach that audience and many others. Our target audience is both consumer and business, so you benefit from both, not limited to one over the other.

Today every dollar of marketing and advertising counts, we cover all the bases by leveraging your advertising to all markets and types of target audiences. Cost saves and cost effective.
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Challenge Poker Table Branding

Select the logo or text placement on the table, select the number of weeks for the advertisement to run, select the number of tables each week for logo or text to appear.  Example: 3 tables for 2 weeks. Your logo or text will appear on all 3 tables for 2 weeks of the series. 

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NOTICE by submitting you are not obligated to advertise; upon submission we will email you an adverting proposal based upon your selections. This will include costs, deposits, refunds, package discounts and terms of advertising. We will only contact you through email. Any question you may contact us directly at sales@hellspoker.net. 

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